About The Authors

Mimi the Mermaid and the Pearl Necklace is a charming story born out of the imagination of the two Wurapa sisters. It represents a creative journey reflecting their understanding of true beauty.

Sydney is an artsy, fun-loving and radiant young lady, and when she co-authored the book, she was only 9 years old. Her vivid imagination is fueled by her passion for reading, and love of animals. She likes to “doodle”, play tennis, cycle, experiment, bake, and has visions of becoming a person who will someday change the world... or open a famous bakery. She also inspires her friends with her kind spirit.

Jordan is an energetic and free spirited girl, and at the time they wrote the book, she was only 7 years old. She loves playing outside on rainy days and is a lover of birds and bubbles. She likes to sew, swim, bake, and play tennis. Like her sister, she has a flare for creating colorful stories.

Assisted by their mother, the girls endeavored to create a story with a positive message about a mermaid girl and her realization of beauty and self-worth. Their efforts were championed by their father and his perseverance.

Karin Small Wurapa, MD, MPH delights in being a wife and the mother of three wonderful children. She strives to honor the awesome responsibility and accountability of parenting, and tries to nurture and identify the talents and individual aspirations of each of her children. This project has uncovered an unconventional path for her to advocate for health and wellness in the lives of our youngest citizens.

The girls were interviewed by WBNS10TV news anchor Tracy Townsend. See the video below.


Mimi The Mermaid